Puppy Adoption – Questionnaire

Please take the time to fill out our questionnaire if you would like to be considered to adopt a puppy from us.

Our puppy prices are $4000 regardless of sex or color.

Applications and phone interviews are required of all applicants. A $500 deposit is required once a puppy is identified as available and application is approved to hold a specific puppy.

We are willing to pet nanny our puppies to their new family at their local airport whenever possible. We charge actual cost plus $300. 

Please copy and paste or PDF your questionnaire and e-mail it back to us at KingsleeCavaliers@gmail.com

If you cannot copy & paste, please contact me and we can e-mail you a copy of this questionnaire.

Kingslee Cavaliers – Puppy Questionnaire

Date: ___________
How did you locate Kingslee Cavaliers? ___________________________________
Name: _________________________________________________________
Phone (home) _____________________ Cell Phone_______________________
Email Address: ___________________________________________________
Please list names and ages of members living in the home
Type of Dwelling: House___ Condo___ Rent___
If you rent, are dogs allowed? ______________
Do you have a fenced ¬yard and if so what type of fence? ___________________________________________________________
Do you have any pets at home? If so what type and how many? ______________________________________________________________
Have you ever owned a dog before? ______________________________________________________________
If you have other dogs what is the breed and age? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
What is the sex of your dogs, and are they Spayed/Neutered? ______________________________________________________________
What age were they Spayed/Neutered? ______________________________________________________________

Are you opposed to delaying your puppies spay or neuter? ________________________________________________________________
Do you have a Veterinarian, and if so how long have you had your Vet?__________________________________________________________
Name of your Veterinarian and address: _____________________________________________
Veterinarians phone # _____________________________
Do we have your permission to contact your Veterinarian? _______________________________
What are you interested in Female ____ or Male_____
Color Preference: ___________________________
Do you have a second choice? ____________________________________________________
Where will the puppy be kept during the day? And for how long? ________________________________________
Where will the puppy be kept during the night? _____________________________________
How many hours will the puppy be left alone? ________________________________________
What brand/type of food will you feed the puppy? ____________________________________
Are you open to some raw feeding or home cooking for your puppy?
Who will be responsible for the puppy’s care and Vet bills?

Are you open to doing titers on your puppy vs. just re-vaccinating them after they are a year old?
Have you ever had to give up a dog, if so what were the circumstances?__________________________________________________
_______________________________________________________ .
Does anyone in your house have allergies to dogs? ____________________________________
Have you done your research on Cavaliers and their health issues? ____________________________________________________________
Do you understand this Cavalier is sold on a limited registration and you will be required to spay/neuter at an appropriate age? ____________________________________________________________

Thank you very much for taking the time to fill out our Puppy Application. This information helps us get to know people who may be interested in adopting one of our puppies. The next step is to set up a phone interview. Please think of any questions you may have for us.
Kingslee Cavaliers