Kingslee All Fired Up

(GCHG CH Avatar Made to Be in Pictures x CH Kingslee Oracle of Fire)

She is a fun little girl who was named after Carroll Shelby the famous creator of the Shelby Cobra race car. When our Shelby was really little she raced, not walked… “everywhere”. So, we playfully called her Shelby…. since she was always “All fired up.” As she has matured, she is the opposite. Her favorite place in on my lap or at my feet. She still gets “all fired up” when I come home from work. She is more reserved with new people. She is one of my favorites. Sadly, Shelby had some fertility complications. She is now retired and will live out the remainder of her life with our family.

Health Tests
Eyes- Feb 2021
Heart- Oct 2022
Patella’s – good
Hips OFA
DNA, DE, CC & EF clear
CHIC #165876

Shelby’s first show weekend
Shelby’s first show
Shelby as a pup