Yatzil (Arena) Mexico

I decided I wanted to be more serious about wanting to competitively show a Xolo. I began to learn more about the breed standard. Sought out a mentor. Went to the 2023 National and learned what I liked and what I did not.

In December of 2023 I decided to just go for it and import Nala from Mexico. She had many of the same dogs in her pedigree that Tolo had. I was specifically looking for the same beauty and temperament that endeared him to all of our family and friends. I had been following Nala’s breeder on social media for a couple years.

Nala came to the USA at 8 weeks of age in January of 2024. By 7 months of age, she has earned 12 of her 15 required AKC Points towards her Championship including one major. She has one more major to finish her AKC Championship.

Nala is a natural and we have gotten many compliments about her. Best of all, she is very social and warms up to new people quickly. That is not characteristic of the breed as a whole, but a quality we prefer. Her sire is also a very friendly Xolo.