One of our focus goals is to raise healthy, happy well adjusted puppies. We are picky about our pups and the families they will call home. Raising cavaliers is a lot of work. Many many hours go into research, care, health and maintenance of our dogs and the environment they live in. Raising puppies is exhausting, at times messy and you have a lot of sleepless nights. When you receive these types comments from the people who appreciate your dogs, it means a lot to you as a breeder.
If you have a great dog, thank the breeder.

Some personal and professional testimonials…

“I am blessed to have three Kingslee Cavaliers! From the very beginning, it was obvious that Jen truly loves and cares about this breed. During my initial inquiry about getting a puppy, Jen talked thru the details of the breed itself and her approach to breeding. She wants every adaptor to be well educated about the breed and the best way to care for their new puppy. She has done a lot of research on her own and works with her fellow breeder colleagues to produce beautiful and healthy cavaliers. She cares about the health lines behind her dogs and is always trying to learn more and more for the betterment of the breed. Because of my trust in Jen and her breeding program I happily recommend her to others, and I know that there will be future Kingslee Cavalier pups added to my dog family, too.”

“I have to compliment you for the fantastic job you do preparing your puppies for their big lives… Our girl is confident, full of joy and fun. Everyone loves her. My trainer who hates dogs that lick her face, and always lets her give her kisses. She gets along with all the dogs she meets, she is always up for an adventure and new experiences… We feel truly blessed to have pups from Kingslee”

“You gave us so much info on our dog and her parents etc, my Vet was astonished! You were very informative and even though we already owned two Cavs, you taught me a lot in a very friendly, easy manner”

“Our boy is so sweet with his baby sister (human baby). He is her protector, he’s always around. He sleeps by her bed at times and does not like when we take her places with out him.”

“We wanted to send you a picture of our daughter born (Monday) with our boy. He is absolutely obsessed with her. He is incredibly gentle and affectionate with her and we just know they will be life long friends”

“He’s a great little guy with a sassy attitude. He also has amazing mutton chops!” He’s a great companion and I think he will make a great agility dog. He picked up on the small A-frame and tunnel immediately. Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog!”

Tomorow is our girl’s birthday. We adore her and she is the love of our lives. Thank you for choosing us to adopt her.

“Jen, I wanted to quick add that you are the best breeder I have ever purchased a puppy from… your passion and love for the breed, your dogs, and placing them in wonderful homes has been so apparent. Your support beyond placing your puppies has been awesome! Thank you for helping us get on the right footing immediately and for providing such a wonderful puppy. He’s healthy and happy, and we couldn’t be happier ourselves. Thank you for trusting us with one of your amazing dogs!”

I have known Jennifer Lee for several years in professional and personal capacities. I have purchased both dogs and horses through her, as well as received boarding care and instruction from her for my animal family. I find Jen to be a woman of her word, honest and knowledgeable in all areas of dog and horse care and breeding. She has the best interest of the animals in her heart and foremost in her mind. I am a professional equestrian instructor and lifetime dog lover. I consider the proper care of my animals to be a priority in my life. Jen has exceeded my expectations in her animal husbandry skills. I highly recommend Jennifer Lee for your dog and equestrian services. This is not her first dog and pony show.  Jen’s knowledge and professionalism shines and becomes an asset to those that reach out to her for services.
Lilean Sedlacek
PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor &
Mama to two beautiful dogs and trusty steed Spirit & baby Mira