Kaleb Scott

Bonniemadra Jump the Gun

(Kinvaar Son of a Gun (JW)  x  Kinvaar Summer Lovin)

Kaleb Scott was imported from Scotland in Dec of 2018. We had been anxiously awaiting his arrival since before his birth. We specifically purchased Kaleb because of the wonderful heart and a strong MRI history behind him, not to mention the gorgeous dogs in his pedigree. We are so blessed that Debbie Kerr (Kinvaar Cavaliers) and Katie Holland (Bonniemadra Cavaliers) entrusted this beautiful boy to us. We know he will be a wonderful addition to our breeding program.

Heart- Nov 2022
Eye- Feb 2021
Patella- Normal
DNA- clear for DE, CC & EF
Hip- OFA Good

CHIC # 160036