Kingslee Fooled Ya Again

(CH Lancelot Dobry Rok x Kingslee Dream Again)

Thea is one of our home-bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel females from CH Lancelot Dobry Rok, AKA Levi, who we imported a number of years ago. Her dam was our home-bred girl “Amber”. Thea has many nice qualities and a very nurturing disposition. We love her structure, big dark eyes, small build, good bone, deep color and strait coat.
*Thea resides with a good friend of our family. He needed another dog after losing his beloved old Cavalier. 

Health Testing
Heart – Nov 2021
Patellas- Normal
Eyes – Nov 2021
DNA Clear DE, CC & EF (due to parentage)

  • Dogs in Guardian homes are placed with a close family friends. The benefit of this arrangement is that they live in home where they are someone’s special pet and have the undivided attention of that family. Not every dog thrives in a multiple dog home. It is also nice because we have access to them for our program, because we feel they are valuable to the goals of our program and it keeps our numbers down in our home. We never want too many dogs in our home. We want our dogs to be family pets, a kennel situation. We believe this is in our best interest as much as it is in our dogs best interest. We want our dogs spoiled, their coats kept in ideal condition and for them to always feel like a beloved pet, not simply a breeding dog.