Our Cavalier puppies

Located in Northern Michigan, we occasionally have Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies available to approved companion homes.

  • We had a beautiful litter born in Dec.

Our dogs are raised in our home with our family. Our parent dogs have gone through a variety of health testing, including but not limited to annual Hearts (Cardiologist), Bi-annual Eye (Ophthalmologist) screenings, age appropriate MRI scans, DNA for DE,CC & EF, & patellas.

Please read our Puppy Policies and fill out an Puppy Adoption Questionnaire to be considered for one of our puppies.


Kingslee Fooled Ya Again


(CH Lancelot Dobry Rok x Kingslee Dream Again)

Thea is one of our home-bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel females from CH Lancelot Dobry Rok, AKA Levi, who we imported a number of years ago. Her dam was our home-bred girl “Amber”. Thea has many nice qualities and a very quiet nurturing disposition. We love her structure, small build, good bone, deep color and strait coat.

Health Testing
Heart – Summer 2019
Eyes – Summer 2019
MRI- too young
DNA Clear DE, CC & EF



Kaleb Scott

“Kaleb Scott”

Bonniemadra Jump the Gun

(CA CH Kinvaar Sure as Shoot’n x  Kinvaar Summer Lovin)


Kaleb Scott was imported from Scotland in Dec of 2018. We had been anxiously awaiting his arrival since before his birth. We specifically purchased Kaleb because of the wonderful heart and MRI history behind him, not to mention the gorgeous dogs in his pedigree. We are so blessed that Debbie Kerr (Kinvaar Cavaliers) and Katie Holland (Bonniemadra Cavaliers) entrusted this beautiful boy to us. We are looking so forward to showing him and think he will be a wonderful addition to our breeding program.





DNA- clear for DE, CC & EF, based on parentage
MRI- too young






Kingslee Taste the Rainbow

(CA CH Kinvaar Brodick x Kingslee Dream Again)


We placed three of the pups from this breeding with show/breeder friends. It will be fun to see how they all mature. Of course Skittles is the naughtiest of the pups. However, she is adorable in-spite of her naughtiness and her big round dark eyes succeed in melting our hearts, and getting her out of trouble. She was placed in a performance / conformation home.



Heart- checked at puppy exam
Patellas- checked at puppy exam
DNA clear for DE, CC & EF, based on parentage
MRI- too young








Kingslee Gunfire & Lead

(CA CH Cempa Sure as Shoot’n x CH Kingslee Oracle of Fire) 

Morgan is a home-bred puppy. She is one of my absolute favorites. She has beautiful structure and an “I’m all that” attitude. We do have to work on the table stacking so she can really show off. We are hopeful that she will continue to develop nicely as she matures. We are really looking forward to showing her in the future.





Health Testing
Hearts- puppy check
Patellas- puppy check
DNA clear DE, CC & EF, based on parentage
MRI- too young





Morgan and her litter-mate brother Logan



Whiteriver Picture Perfect Dreams at Kingslee

(CH Hillwood Picture Postcard x GCH Whiteriver Dreams Come True)

Bandit was purchased and is Co-Owned with a good breeder friend as a show/breeding prospect. His lines are slow to mature, but he is really coming along. He is a very sweet and active boy.  He has passed all of his initial health screening and we plan to get him out showing soon.



Health Testing
Hearts- spring 2019
Eyes- spring 2019
Patellas- normal
DE, CC & EF, Clear based on Parentage
MRI- good
Hips- too young




Above Photo: Bandit at his first dog show. Our Great Lakes Cavalier Club hosted our first Specialty Show in the spring of 2018, so we entered Bandit for fun. As you can see he was very distressed! I saw Jason taking this photo, and it was everything I could do not to laugh. Bandit has a lively personality and normally can be found springing like Tigger from one thing to another! We really should have named him pogo. Whenever I come home, I am greeted by him, much like a a dog on a pogo stick. He is a very sweet, goofy boy.




Kingslee Dream Again
(Whiteriver Dream On Kingslee x Lil Tails Solar Eclipse)

 This little girl is very special to us for a variety of reasons. We love her deep chestnut color, her head shape and cushioned face and who can resist her dark round eyes. She has nice structure and a very sweet personality. She has matured nicely.


Health History

CERF Eye exam- Normal
Heart – Normal
DE, CC & EF Clear based on parentage




More photos of Amber






Amber’s Parents


Sire: Whiteriver Dream on Kingslee


Dam: Lil Tail’s Solar Eclipse